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Android App not keeping going?

If you’re here because Get Running seems to stop running on your Android phone, please see if you can whitelist Get Running in your phone’s battery saver settings. We’ve often found that over-aggressive battery “optimisation” or “saver” software is what’s really causing the problem, killing Get Running even though you’re using it. This seems most common with OnePlus or Xaiomi phones.

Every phone and battery optimisation application is different, so it’s hard for us to give specific advice on how to turn off the battery saver for Get Running—you might find helpful tips at the Don’t Kill My App! website.


Drop us an email at! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. For Get Running for Android please use

The Forums

There’s plenty of advice to be found on the Get Running Forums. Chat to other runners, and get advice from people who have been all the way through the Get Running plan.

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